Ascendant History 01: The Great Dragon

  “For beneath the eye of the dragon, all were equal. 
                                 beneath the eye of the dragon, all were ash.”

                    -An ancient poem believed to have been written by an eyewitness of the dragon. 

Civilization on Ascendant’s earth began 50,000 years ago, with the help of Guardians and blood mages, agriculture quickly sprang up and cities followed soon after. 

Despite the warnings of the Guardians about Blood Magic, two empires founded on it slowly took shape. Neither empire could be content while the other still existed and so it came to war. 

It was during these wars that many of the Twisted were created, living weapons designed to terrify, and destroy. None of them could measure up to the might of the dragon. 

Since all records of the period are destroyed, no one is sure which empire created the dragon, but there are some records from after the reign of the dragon that say it took a thousand human deaths and the slaughter of a hundred Guardian Fledglings to create the dragon. 

It would take many more deaths to destroy it. 

It is unknown how long the dragon’s reign lasted, but it decimated the populations of humans and Guardians alike. There were many attempts to slay the dragon, but none succeeded and people wondered if this was how the world would end. 

In the end, it was no Mortal power that defeated the dragon. The Trinity called up a mighty flood and drowned the world and the dragon along with it. The Guardians, according to their legends, were given the land of Caelam to spare them the floodwaters. (After this, the Guardians became more powerful as well, as they were closer to the Immortal Realm) 

Eventually, Blood Magic would reestablish itself in the minds of humanity, but it would never be as commonplace as it was before the dragon. 

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