Ascendant World Building 02: Guardian Magic

1) Channels are how Guardians access the Immortal Realm, which is where their power comes from. 
2) Primaries and wind feathers have the most channels and the most power
3)Guardians use their wind feathers to sense air currents around them 
4) Normal Guardians fly by altering the air around their wings and bodies 
5) Wind Weavers are able to manipulate the air on a much greater scale and their magic can overwhelm another’s

Ascendant World Building 01: Wing Types

In ancient times, Guardians were divided into three clans, and while they were united long before Justice’s war began, the ancestry of a Guardian is still easy to tell.

Mountain Clan has the gift of speed, and they also have the highest number of wind weavers among them

Desert Clan was given the gift of endurance. In the age of the clans, they would soar between oases in the desert. They can stay aloft for days at a time, even sleeping on the wing. 

Forest Clan has agility. No other clan can navigate the treacherous airspace beneath the forest canopy and you definitely don’t want to engage a descendant of Forest Clan in battle if you’re in cramped quarters.