Ongoing Projects

The Ascendant Series

YA Christian fantasy with guardian angels, found family, revenge, and forgiveness.

Ascendant has been published! Check out the main page for Ascendant for a sneak peek of the first three chapters .

For hundreds of years, war has raged across the realm of Guardian Angels. White-Wing against Black-Wing. Grace is the Saboteur, daughter of the White-Wing Spy Master, destined to end the war once and for all. But all of that is snatched away when she is captured by the Black-Wings. Trapped in their secret city, Grace finds herself questioning everything she’s ever been told. About her enemies, and about herself.”


Sequel to Ascendant, has a complete first draft and Draft 2 has begun


Final book in the main Ascendant Series, Covenant draft 1 is planned out and ready to go while Remnant is in beta read.


A prequel to the main Ascendant series.

Starship Woodsong

A sci-fi fantasy mashup universe where the races of high fantasy take to the stars. Elijah Sterling is the reluctant captain of his late mother’s ship, the Woodsong. When the Woodsong is selected by the dwarven empire for a sinister experiment, Elijah must brave the depths of space to seek out the mythical elves in the hopes that they can cure his crew.

Starship Woodsong has a complete first draft and a draft 2 is in progress