The adopted daughter of the White-Wing Spymaster, Concord. She is young, but eager to prove herself.


The White-Wing Spymaster, and a trusted advisor of Justice. He has served as Spymaster for as long as anyone can remember and he controls his forces with an iron will. Though Allegiance is officially second in command, it is no secret that Concord’s opinion has more weight in the king’s eyes.


The ruler of the White-Wings, he was the one to discover the treachery of the Black-Wings after they murdered his twin sister, Haven. Some say that the strain of war has taken its toll, leaving him paranoid and mad.


White-Wing Air Commander and biological mother of Grace. Her husband was killed before Grace was born.


Black-Wing queen, she is known for her ruthlessness and cunning


Captain of Charity’s personal guard


The Black-Wing healer charged with Grace’s recovery

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