For hundreds of years, war has raged across the realm of Guardian Angels. White-Wing against Black-Wing. Grace is the Saboteur, daughter of the White-Wing Spy Master, destined to end the war once and for all. But all of that is snatched away when she is captured by the Black-Wings. Trapped in their secret city, Grace finds herself questioning everything she’s ever been told. About her enemies, and about herself

Ascendant is a delightful read for when you want to just lay back and relax with a book in hand.

One of my favorite books on this planet! … Miss Grey is an amazing writer and I look forward to the possibility of future books.

Thank you for publishing Ascendant – it’s one of the greats.

This is a quick read which ends with a lead-in to a series. There are tantalizing hints of other species and worlds waiting out there, as well as plotlines that have yet to unfold.

…Not only did Grey execute some of my beloved cliches, but they also lead some of them into outcomes I absolutely did not expect. And, let me tell you, I loved it.